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Fall Fashion favors COMFORT!

When we think of Fall Fashion there is one thing that comes to mind. Comfort. I so easily slip into the mindset of anything oversize, chunky, and warm! Of course feeling this way is to be expected and it will once again feel wonderful to wear more forgiving clothes - that's the beauty of the season!! However, we must not abandon style - NO! In fact, your Fall / Winter wardrobe may call for more attention than you think!

First of all - we wear more items. Boots, socks, pants, undershirts, sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves! This may excite a lot of people but can also be overwhelming for some. And, how do you make all these items look cohesive, well planned, and stylish!?

My advice to you - have a plan and pick statement pieces.

Chose a color scheme you want to try and focus on that. Spicy mustards, browns, and violets are hero colors this season so keep your eyes peeled and focus on items with these features.

Accessorize with gusto!

You can have the simplest wardrobe but your accessories could be your ROCK STARS. That's all you need to do! Classic, simple wardrobes are the perfect blank canvas for Statement pieces like a Poncho, and Over-the-Knee boot, and a felt hat. Viola - you are walking tall with loads of style, my friend!

Now for my favorite accessory this season - THE PONCHO!

Not only will these amazing ponchos keep you extremely stylish and warm, they fit perfectly with this season trend of x-tra large everything. Again, maybe exciting to some but daunting to others - oversize if the new statement. Big coats, big hats, chunky sweaters and dresses that drape to the floor. One of the easiest and the least intimidating ways to try this roomy tread is with a poncho!

Here are a few ways to style yours!

1. belt your poncho for added style

Poncho Belted!

2. a poncho with sparkle!

3. a poncho with jeans and the cutest mittens ever!

Poncho with mittens!

Happy Fall shopping, for whatever your Style is! It's fabulous!



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