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Flirty Florals and Flowing Kimonos.

We're eyeing two, super easy trends to adopt this summer! When we say easy we mean easy to wear, simple to style, and little effort needed!

The first trend is the Floral Dress.

Nothing says summer more than a beautiful floral print. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the design and composition of a flower. A floral pattern entices the eye and speaks to our creative spirits. A neutral color palette makes it easy to create a capsule wardrobe - and we LOVE that. But a dress in a bold floral needs nothing more. No accessories (of course we encourage them : ) - no over the top shoe - all that a beautiful floral dress needs is you and a glowing personality. The dress will take care of the rest! It's a statement!

Here's some tips for wearing floral dresses.

1. Keep your accessories to a minimum, but if you have an outstanding statement necklace that pairs well with the colors in your floral dress then by all means! It's all about the color!

2. Choose a shoe that matches the colors well, or just go with a nude shoe so it does not compete with your amazing dress.

3. Add some color to your kisser. Adding color on your face will bring the entire look together. We love Lipsense Liquid Lip Color in Summer Sunset.

The second trend we're loving are Kimonos!

Kimonos, I feel, are a classic staple. You can truly have a few in your closet for years because they're always stylish, effortless, and so easy to wear.

This trend is fashionable and functional! Here's why. They create a unique silhouette, they're whimsical, and they'll keep you cool yet comfortable indoors while the a/c is kicking this summer. There're so many different ways you can wear a kimono each time you wear it. Here're some tips how to style yours.

1. Wear it loose and casual with jeans and a simple white t-shirt. It's the easiest boho style you could possibly whip up. Add a long beaded necklace and a few bangle bracelets to round out your boho vibe.

2. Want to wear yours to the office? Sure ya do! Here's how. Choose a nice tailored pencil skirt or pair of pants. Wear a fitted t-shirt or cami under your kimono. Do you have a wide elastic belt? You'll need one for this look. Put your kimono on, and add the belt at your natural waist over top. Your kimono is now office ready!

3. Wear it with shorts! Kimonos look great when you wear something underneath that may be shorter than the hem of the kimono. And, if your skeptical of wearing shorts, kimono's provide you with some coverage so you'll feel a bit more contained and covered. It's a great way to embrace summer but not feel overexposed.

Well that's it for our two favorite summer trends! I'm so grateful to all of you stylish ladies reading and those that continue to support Gerri's Closet. We have amazing items arriving EVERYDAY! And, mark you calendars for our Christmas in July sale beginning July 8th!

See you then! xo Gerri

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