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Anything goes! Spring Fashion 2019.

Alright, Miranda. We get your point. Floral can be a bit redundant each Spring ... BUT WHO CARES! We LOVE THEM, and everything the Spring season brings. New life, fresh starts, and SPRING FASHION! It's time to reboot and lighten our load.

This very-very MUCH anticipated Spring we have the opportunity to refresh our style. How exciting is that?!! It’s the perfect time of year to take stock of the items we love, and set aside the ones that just aren’t speaking to us anymore. Here’s your style challenge.

The trends on the runway provide us with the direction that fashion is headed. Everything from colors, silhouettes, textures and fabrics change from season to season. We're taking mental notes! What’s new, what can we try, and what should we wear!

Here, we’re showcasing what we see as THE BIG SPRING TRENDS! We get so excited because who doesn’t want a change to welcome Springtime! And Miranda would be (somewhat) happy because florals are not necessarily the #1 trend. We say yes to floral anytime!! But here are some other options too...

Take style notes because we’re giving you an all access pass to all the current hot trends right here at Gerri’s Closet.

Royal Blue.



Black & White.

Polka Dots.


All my love and blessings to begin this Spring season happy, healthy & FASHIONABLY!

Gerri xo

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