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What to wear this FALL! YES!

Each season the Fashion industry lets us know what is hot and what is not! They're so many elements that influence seasonal trends - the media, our economy, the textile industry, the weather! But here we want to take all the guess work and philosophies out and give it to you straight. As much as we want to know why a trend has emerged, what we really want to do is expose fresh-NEW styles. YES!

Here at Gerri's closet we've got our eye on Fall trends and we'll be hand picking them for you this Fall season! Get prepared for new silhouettes but also a return to Fall staple pieces (ahhhh we love that too).

Two trends that we are have our eye on to kick off the season are Mini Bags and Plaid!

Mini bags are quite a change from the medium to large totes we are use to carrying. But, think of it this way - simplify. Carrying a mini bag may push you to rethink what you really need to carry to the store or running errands on a Saturday.

The next trend you will see previewed at Gerri's Closet is Plaid! What can speak more comfort and nostalgia than plaid? It's a pattern that really holds so many memories. However, our style challenge to you this season is to pair it with a pencil skirt and a sleek black pant. Or, keep it classic and comfy - stick with jeans or corduroy. We love it either way - ALWAYS!

Each Fall we get SO excited to see what new ways are being presented to wear classic pieces as well as what new trends are emerging. It's such and exciting time of year!!

As we move along through August and into September here are some other trends you may see emerging at Gerri's closet. Below is a video that will give you more STYLE ideas for FALL!

New York Fashion Week Fall Trends:

Animal Print

The Color Pink

Colored Plaid ( yellow, purple, green! )

Broad Shoulders & Power Suits




Leather Pants

Happy Fall TREND Shopping!



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