3 spring/summer 2018 fashion trends to start wearing now!

Each fashion season extremely creative minds working in the industry bring to life emerging trends. Some trends last decades - what we refer to as "classics", and some trends are a result in changing economies, shifts in color preferences, music, art & culture! So many different areas of our lives play a role in what we wear, and what WE think is HOT! Isn't that kind of amazing!?!

So this season at Gerri's Closet we want keep our eyes peeled for items that fit the trends so you always have fresh and in-style items to shop from! Here are some trends to hunt for:

1. Pastels. As Victoria Beckham says - "Delicacy can be strong." She is so right. We often think of pastels as whimsical subtle-tones that are dainty, soft and cute. Not this season. Worn with a tailored piece or the right accessories, this color will go from powderpuff to POWERpuff. When choosing items think of ice cream hues... YUM!